Cold-Pressed Juices
Your new main squeeze

Cold-pressed juicing extracts the juice from fruits and veggies in its purest form. It keeps minerals, enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins intact by eliminating oxidation. Yes, it takes a lot longer and is a lot harder to do, but Here we know that hard work pays off in flavor and health benefits. Cheers.

Here we ♥ local

Here believes that beauty is more than skin (or peel) deep. But sadly, at least 25% of America’s “ugly produce”—fruits and vegetables that are just as fresh and taste just as good but don’t look perfect to a supermarket manager’s eye—is thrown away each day….

Dips + Spreads
A new spin on veggie dips

Mixed with the freshest produce we could find, our bean and lentil dips will liven up any sandwich, veggies, or plain old chips. Skip the hummus and eat your veggies—they never tasted this great.

Here we ♥ local

These discarded little peas and pears did nothing wrong and are just as delicious as their more classically pretty counterparts. But luckily, this sad and wasteful story has a happy ending….

Dressed to impress

Drizzle Here dressing on your microgreens and add some sizzle to your salad. It also makes a great marinade or dipping sauce for crudités—your veggies will never be the same. Even your tofu will thank you.

Here we ♥ local

We happily accept this rejected produce and incorporate it into our juices, dips, and dressings whenever possible. This ugly produce of all shapes and sizes finds a home at Here—and that’s beautiful to us.