Spinach Mushroom
Each of our recipes is a chef creation, but this one is a true culinary marvel. This spinach mushroom dip not only tastes like a rich and velvety mushroom pâté but also packs six (six!) kinds of fresh vegetables into every cup. Try this dip on its own or as a spread on your favorite bread.


Michigan Navy Beans, Lentils, Mushrooms, Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spinach, Salt, Illinois MightyVine Tomatoes, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Lemon Juice, Fresh and Dried Rosemary, Fresh and Dried Sage

What’s local today?

Spinach from Chicago (Windy City Harvest)
White beans from Michigan (Carlson Abrogast)
Tomatoes from Rochelle, Illinois (MightyVine)
Mushrooms from Princeton, Illinois (Monterey)

No artificial flavors or preservatives. Ever. Keep refrigerated. Cold-pressure protected.