Here. We keep it #real.

What if someone approached food in a fresh new way? What if we started with #real ingredients—ingredients your grandmother would recognize—used #local produce, and made our products close to you? What if it was easy to eat your veggies because each sip or bite was packed with produce? What if we all were a little healthier, trying to eat a few more greens and one less muffin. And what if eating healthy actually tasted good? And not a bone-broth-and-acai-flavored-kombucha kind of good—but just good and fresh and satisfying. What if we approached food with authenticity and integrity? What if we tried to build trust by—go figure—simply being honest and transparent? And what if we used as many vegetable puns as possible? Wouldn’t that be grape? Sorry, you’re just going to have to grin and carrot.

Here. For the love of #local.

What if we put local farmers first, crafting our food based on seasonal ingredients and packing it with produce from nearby farms? How much better would our food taste? What if we thought of farmers as providing nourishment, not just selling commodities? And what if these farmers could sell 100% of their crops—no matter how “ugly”? A little more produce for consumers, a little less waste to the compost pile or—worse—landfill, and a little more money in their pocket. What if we viewed grocers and distributors as our partners in growing the local-food movement? What if we could provide #real food everywhere for everyone—food that is fresher and more nutritious? What if we used technology to enhance our growing practices so that we could grow more with less—less water, less distance, less fertilizer—and protect our communities?

Here. We grow communities.

What if we did what was right and not what was easy? What if we treated each team member as an owner and believed in giving people second chances? What if we tried to pay a fair wage and not just a minimum wage? What if our shareholders cared about impact and making a difference, not just a profit? And what if we invested profits back into the #local economy, growing deep roots in our communities? What if a company made a community stronger? All of us a little happier, a little healthier. What if we acted like we have just one planet whose survival depends on us to reduce energy and waste? What if we measured what matters instead of just output and profits? What if we gave peas a chance?

We know that’s a lot of questions, and we don’t have all the answers. But we’re going to keep pushing, challenging, growing—we won’t skip a beet. And maybe we’re a little naïve, but it’s the people who are crazy enough to think they can actually change the world who usually do.

The time is now. The place is | Here |.